The Philadelphiad; or New pictures of the city, Volume: I, [Fragment], [1784].

The Barry-Hayes Papers are maintained at Independence Seaport Museum, Philadelphia, PA. For more information, visit  Fragmented Missing front cover, pages 13-20, and 51-83.  Confirmation: Early American Imprints, Series 1, no. 18730.

Full Title:
The Philadelphiad; or New pictures of the city : Interspersed with a candid review and display of some first-rate modern characters of both sexes: delineated in a friendly and satirical manner, containing sketches of the materials that distinguish the following places, viz. Court-house, new-jail, theatre, bagnio, hospital for lunatics, Bell's-book-store, State house, and coffee-house. With other entertaining anecdotes, humorous, moral and sentimental. 2 vols. Philadelphia : Printed for the editor by Kline & Reynolds, 1784.

Poems found on: p. 7 Court - House. ; p. 8 New - Jail. ; p. 9 A Character; or A few traces of Crambo's Picture. ; p. 12 Country Clown. ; p. 21 Bagnio. p. 23 Mariana and Edwin. ; p. 30 Hospital for Lunatics. ; p. 34 The Fop. ; p. 37 Misfortunes of a Fop. ; p. 39 The Son of Neptune. ; p. 39 Bell's Book-Store. ; p. 41 Lawyer Lewd-Is. ; p. 41 The Irish Worthy ; Or Hospitable Batchelor. A Character. ; p. 43 The Emigrant. ; p. 44 The Young Hibernian, Or genteel Merchant. ; p. 45 Lawyer Filson, Or the Spectalc'd Pleader. ; p. 46 Doctor R__sh.  ; p. 47 State House. ; p. 50 Doctor Hutchershins.

Format: Book
Language: English
Published: 1784
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