[Garden City Publishing Co. shipping box, ca. 1923]

OC 1 box.
Shipping container originally containing 12 books, including:
The challenge of the North / by Hendryx, James B. 1880-1963.
The second mate / by Bedford-Jones, H. 1887-1949.
Spawn of the desert / by Tuttle, W. C. 1883-1969.
Sky-high corral / by Cummins, Ralph.
The devil's payday / by Tuttle, W. C. 1883-1969.
Loaded dice / by Sabin, Edwin L. 1870-1952.
Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande / by Chalmers, Stephen, 1880-
The canyon of the green death / by Buckley, F. R. 1896-
Arizona argonauts / by Bedford-Jones, H. 1887-1949.
Apache Valley / by Chapman, Arthur, 1873-1935.
Sontag of Sundown / by Tuttle, W. C. 1883-1969.
(One of the original 12 titles was removed prior to acquisition).
Source of acquisition: Morgan Wallace.

Format: Realia
Language: English
Published: 1923
Online Access: https://digital.library.villanova.edu/Item/vudl:366566