Peano Antennas.

In this letter, we investigate the radiation characteristics of Peano antenna, i.e., a single antenna made of a thin wire, patterned after a special type of space-filling curve known as the Peano curve. We use a moment-method-based simulation code to study various properties of this antenna, namely, the radiation pattern, impedance bandwidth, current distribution, cross-polarization level, radiation efficiency, and the feed location for achieving an electrically small matched antenna. As in the case of the Hilbert antenna, the radiation patterns of a Peano antenna resemble those of a linear dipole; however, this antenna has a lower cross-polarization level than the Hilbert antenna and, for a matched Peano antenna, the resonant frequency is lower than the same order matched Hilbert antenna at the expense of a smaller input-impedance bandwidth.

Main Author: Zhu, Jinhui.
Other Authors: Hoorfar, Ahmad., Engheta, Nader.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2004
Online Access: