Light Curve Variations and H-Alpha Flaring of FK COMAE.

Multiband photoelectric observations reveal that the rapidly rotating giant FK Com's light curve is rapidly changing with respect to amplitude, shape, and light minimum phase. Analysis of the light curves indicates that these variations are due to rotational modulation by two large, subluminous regions on the star's surface, which appear to be about 800 + or - 150 K cooler than the star's photosphere. Flaring activity in the H-alpha emission is also noted, but there is no modulation of this emission with the 2.4-day photometric period or with any other period. This behavior is contrasted with the mechanisms suggested in the Walter and Basri (1982) model for the light variations.

Main Author: Dorren, J. D.
Other Authors: Guinan, E. F., McCook, G. P.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 1983
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