Model for Dynamic Analysis of Wood Frame Shear Walls.

A discrete three-degree-of-freedom model of a wood frame shear wall has been developed that is suitable for design-type analyses. The model captures the salient features of the wall response, is amenable to exact closed-form solution, and has the flexibility to account for variations in wall geometry, framing and sheathing materials, fastener type, and spacing. Sheathing-to-stud connections are modeled using a linear viscoelastic element; a method is presented for determining the connection properties using the results of full-scale shear wall tests and a closed-form solution for the test excitation. Results show that the model accurately predicts the hysteretic behavior of the wall for low to moderate displacements; at larger displacements the linear model captures the overall behavior (effective stiffness and energy dissipation), but, as would be expected, fails to predict the pinched hysteresis observed in the tests. Finally, a response spectrum analysis is conducted of a single-story wood frame structure to demonstrate how the model can be used for design-type analyses.

Main Author: Dinehart, David W.
Other Authors: Shenton III, Harry W.
Language: English
Published: 2000
Online Access: