An interactive software for real-time simulation of through-the-wall imaging radar.

An interactive software written in Visual C# has been developed to provide real-time simulation capabilities for imaging behind the wall scenes. The software implements algorithms and techniques developed by the researchers at the Center for Advanced Communications in Villanova University, but is also amenable to house other imaging approaches. The software features a user friendly and flexible graphical interface that permits easy and interactive scene construction, from specification of the wall and array element locations to placement of objects at various locations behind the wall. All operations are performed using comprehensible dialog boxes and mouse drag-anddrop actions. For illustration, we present an example that demonstrates the usage of the real-time through-the-wall imaging radar simulator. The software serves as an educational tool for courses on radar imaging, introducing the students to the important emerging technology of through-the-wall imaging.

Main Author: Estephan, Habib.
Other Authors: Ahmad, Fauzia., Amin, Moeness G.
Language: English
Published: 2006
Online Access: