Mothers’ own weight concerns predict early child feeding concerns

Primary objective: This research examined children’s birth weight and maternal weight concerns as predictors of mothers’ concerns about their infants’ eating behaviours. Research design: This study employed a survey design. Methods and procedures: Seventy-one mothers (M age = 29.98 years, SD = 6.10) of infants 2 years and younger (M age = 1.05 years, SD = 0.53) provided information about their children’s birth weight, their early feeding experiences, their current weight status, and their own weight concerns. Main outcomes and results: Results indicated that maternal weight concerns predicted mothers’ early concerns about their children’s eating behaviours. Further, infant birth weight and mother’s own weight status could not account for this relation. Conclusion: These findings may contribute to researchers’, clinicians’ and laypersons’ attempts to understand the current childhood obesity epidemic and the role parental influences on eating behaviours play in children’s weight status.

Main Author: Markey, Charloette N.
Other Authors: Markey, Patrick M., Schulz, Jessica L.
Language: English
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