Molecular dynamics predictions of the influence of graphite stacking arrangement on the thermal conductivity tensor

The effect of stacking configuration on the phonon-based thermal conductivity of graphite is investigated using equilibrium molecular dynamics. Hexagonal (AAA), Bernal (ABA), and Rhombohedral (ABC) stacking forms are considered in a 5   5 nm domain. The intralayer thermal conductivity values are predicted to be 450–800 W/m K for both zigzag and armchair directions for different configurations, which are in agreement with previous results for graphite and few-layer graphene. The interlayer thermal conductivity values are calculated in the range of 9–55 W/m K. The intralayer thermal conductivity in the armchair direction appears to increase with increasing vertical alignment of carbon atoms in adjacent layers.

Main Author: Khadem, Masoud H.
Other Authors: Wemhoff, Aaron P.
Language: English
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