The Types of Socio-religious Organizations Conveyed From Sciacca to Norristown, PA, [n.d.].

Author identified three groups the Norristown's Sciacchitani organized:  "the MSS Club and Lodge remains active (as of 2012): the Sicilian Home Association and San Calogero (St. Charles) Club dissolved by about 1960 in Norristown."

The file includes: Two photocopied pages from the MSS Club and the Sicilian Home Associationa as found in a printed booklet for the Golden Jubilee of the Holy Saviour Parish in 1954. A typed page that identified prominent Sciacchitani in Norristown. A photocopy of an article entitled, "Biography ot he Mutual Beneficial Society," no source information provided.  The article's photo, also found in another record, credits photographer Miss Frances Giambone.

Main Author: Morello, Celeste A.
Language: English
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