Concert program, "Sinfonie-Konzert" Works From Beethoven and Weber for the 183rd (17th Royal Saxon) Infantry, [1914-1918?].

Concert program (flier), circa 1914-1918, "Sinfonie-Konzert für ruhende Truppen der 192. Infanterie-Division ausgeführt von der Kapelle des 17. Königl. Sächsischen Infanterie-Regiments 183." Printed by Felddruckerei A.O.K. 5. 1 leaf (21.3 x 14.3 cm.).  From the Finding aid prepared by Violet Lutz.

Automated translation. ["Symphony Concert for resting troops of 192. Infantry Division carried from the chapel of the 17th Royal. Saxon Infantry Regiment 183."]

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Language: German
Published: 1914
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