Published General Orders, Mailed, To. "R. M. O'Reilly, Asst. Surgr, U.S.A." From: Surgeon General's Office, U.S. Army, [August 1, 1870].

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The front cover, in landscape orientation, addressed to "R. M. O'Reilly, Asst. Surgr, U.S.A." with printed "Surgeon General's Office, Official Business," in upper right correct. Penned "Aug 1, 1870" Several names of forts, where O'Reilly once was stationed, were scratched out. The state, Colorado, sole one not scratched out.

Published General Orders, sent to O'Reilly, included Nos. 102, 95, 94, 97, 90 and 104.  Several of the orders were Congressional Resolutions Nos. 79, 80, 82, 85, 87 and General order No. 104 reinstated the State of Georgia, after it complied with the reconstruction acts, and approved on July 15, 1870.

Main Author: United States. Adjutant-General's Office.
Language: English
Published: 1870
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