An evaluation of wet chemical methods for quantifying sulfur fractions in freshwater wetland peat.

The specificity and efficiency of procedures for fractionating total S into inorganic and organic constituents were evaluated by analyzing a series of known standards. Acid volatilization was specific for FeS. Chromium reduction recovered over 90% of the S from FeS, and FeS2. Acetone extraction followed by chromium reduction of the filtrate was specific for $S^\circ$. Hydriodic acid reduction recovered 90% of the S from FeS, SO4^2, and p-nitroghenyl sulfate, an organic aryl ester sulfate analog. The Zn-HCl reduction procedure is of questionable value, only partially recovering S from SO4^2, S, and FeS2. None of these procedures affected L-methonine. Analyses were performed on both moist and ovendried peat from Big Run Bog, West Virginia. Oven-drying of peat samples increased estimates of ester sulfate S and SO4^2 and decreased estimates of carbon-bonded S, which was calculated by difference.

Main Author: Wieder, R Kelman.
Other Authors: Lang, Gerald., Granus, Valerie.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 1985
Online Access: