Stormwater Infiltration Retrofits: Experience Gained through Long Term Monitoring.

This paper presents an overview of the experience gained through the design, construction and extended monitoring of multiple retrofit stormwater infiltration best management practices (BMP). Common design issues for retrofit infiltration BMPs include utilities, hydraulic inflow and outflow paths, and compacted urban soils. Assuming these constraints are addressed, the resulting project should work at least as well as any newly constructed BMP. The experience of long term monitoring of multiple BMPs allows the researcher to contrast performance and design features for both individual storms and seasons. Simply building new BMPs in a public setting introduces this concept to the professional community and the public. Findings from a suite of project reports, journal and conference proceedings, and student work is presented.

Main Author: Traver, R. G.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2009
Online Access: