Routing through a wetlands Best Management Practice - A validation.

Stormwater wetlands are fast replacing detention ponds as one of the key mechanisms to reduce nonpoint source pollutant loadings. These Best Management Practices (PACD 1998, Schueler 1992, Davis 1995) focus on smaller storms, encouraging long retention times and contact with vegetation to remove pollutants, design elements not considered for detention basins. The author suspects that traditional storage - indication routing (Chin 2000) may not be appropriate for stormwater wetlands, especially for smaller water quality storms. In order to evaluate this premise, the author has instrumented a recently constructed stormwater wetland, collecting flow and rainfall data. This data is being used for comparison with watershed models employing both hydrologic and hydraulic routing techniques. The models used for the study are HEC-HMS (HEC 2000) and a beta copy of the unsteady version of HEC-RAS (HEC 2000a). Initial results verify this concern and validate a need to continue and expand the study.

Main Author: Traver, Robert G.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2001
Online Access: