Comparison of routing techniques in a stormwater wetlands BMP.

More and more the traditional detention basin is being replaced with stormwater wetlands to reduce nonpoint source pollutant loadings. The design focus of these BMPÂ’s (PACD 1998, Schueler 1992, Davis 1995) adds low flow storms to the traditional extreme event focus. This added design requirement encourages longer flow paths and contact with vegetation to remove pollutants, design elements previously not considered. The author suspects that traditional storage - indication routing (Chin 2000) may not be appropriate for stormwater wetlands, especially for smaller water quality storms. A stormwater wetlands created through retrofitting an existing detention pond (Traver 2000) was used to evaluate the routing practices. The site was modeled using both hydrologic and hydraulic computer models (HEC 2000). These results were compared to several storm flow events captured by instrumentation on the site. Originally presented as a concept in the 2001 EWRI World Water and Environmental Resources Congress (Traver 2001), results verify this concern and validate a need to continue and expand the study.

Main Author: Traver, Robert G.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2002
Online Access: