The impact of brand differentiating messages on the effectiveness of Korean advertising.

Many U.S. advertisers have long stressed the need to use the advertising message to differentiate a brand from its major competitors. This conventional wisdom has been supported empirically by Stewart and Furse's (1986) study of more than 1,000 television commercials, which found a positive relationship between the presence of a brand differentiating message and advertising effectiveness. The question of whether this important research finding extends cross-culturally to South Korea is investigated in this article. To this end, an experiment was conducted in Seoul using selected commercials from a large content-analyzed database of Korean television advertisements. Results suggest that brand differentiation can be an effective technique for firms advertising in Korea.

Main Author: Taylor, Charles.
Other Authors: Wilson, R Dale., Miracle, Gordon.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 1994
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