Not in Vogue: Portrayals of Asian Americans in magazine advertising.

A content analysis of magazine advertisements indicates that advertising portrayals of Asian Americans reflect commonly held stereotypes. In particular Asian models (1) appear more frequently in advertisements for technology-based products than for products not based on technology, (2) appear far more frequently in the popular business press and popular science/mechanics publications than in women's or general interest magazines, (3) appear regularly in business settings, but are seldom shown in other settings, and (4) are depicted frequently as coworkers of other models in the ad but are seldom seen in family or social settings. Drawing on expectancy theory, the authors discuss potential negative impacts of these stereotypes being reinforced through advertising.

Main Author: Taylor, Charles.
Other Authors: Lee, Ju Yung.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 1994
Online Access: