Cross-national market segmentation in the fashion industry: A study of European, Korean, and U.S. consumers.

Purpose- To discover whether there are market segments for the fashion industry that cut across countries and respond differently to advertising messages. Design/methodology/approach- A survey was administered to Korean, European, and US female consumers. Cluster analysis is used in an attempt to identify lifestyle segments that cut across cultures. Findings- Four cross-national market segments are identified. These segments can be labeled as follows: "information seekers," 'sensation seekers,' 'utilitarian consumers,' and 'conspicuous consumers.' Findings also reveal that fashion lifestyle segment had a stronger effect on the reaction to a set of three ads for a major global fashion company (one each from the French, Korean, and US editions of Vogue magazine) than did consumer nationality. Practical implications- Findings suggest that it is viable and perhaps desirable for global marketers in the fashion industry to target cross-national market segments as opposed to developing individual segmentation schemes for each country. Originality/value -Relatively few studies examining the viability of cross-national segmentation have been studies. The study provides insight on building global brand equity and suggests standardized advertising is appropriate for some fashion marketers.

Main Author: Ko, Eunju.
Other Authors: Kim, Eunyoung., Taylor, Charles., Kim, Kyung Hoon., Kang, Ie Jeong.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2007
Online Access: