From the Editor.

I am delighted to introduce four regular articles in this issue covering such diverse topics as offshoring, consumers’ online repurchase behavior, IT-business alignment, and e-discovery. The first article, “Offshore Outsourcing: Risks, Challenges, and Potential Solutions,” by Tejaswini Herath and Rajiv Kishore, discusses the risks and challenges associated with offshoring, and provides a solutions framework. The paper contributes to both theoretical and practical domains. In the second article, “The Relative Importance of Website Design Quality and Service Quality in Determining Consumers’ Online Repurchase Behavior,” Tao Zhou, Yaobin Lu, and Bin Wang compare the effects of website design quality and website service quality. They find that service quality is a greater factor in determining consumers’ repurchase intentions. The third article, “IT-Business Alignment: A Two-Level Analysis,” authored by Monideepa Tarafdar and Sufian Qrunfleh, identifies processes associated with “Tactical IT-Business Alignment.” In addition, they present four types of alignment states resulting from “strategic” and “tactical” alignment levels, and propose alignment-related managerial actions for each type. In the last article, “Recognizing the Impact of E-Discovery Amendments on Electronic Records Management,” authors Burke T. Ward, Carolyn Purwin, Janice C. Sipior, and Linda Volonino note that litigation is an unavoidable part of conducting business in the United States. E-discovery is a critical component of the litigation process. In response to recent e-discovery amendments, the authors discuss the impact on Electronic Records Management. Also included in this issue are two columns. In the first column, BookISMs, Paul Gray reviews two volumes in “Senior Management Concerns and Google Too.” The article is the first in a series that discusses encyclopedic work. The first of the volumes deals with how firms move from locally optimum IT solutions to firms that use their business processes as reusable components. The second volume is a case study of the Obama campaign’s use of Web 2.0 during the 2008 Presidential election. In the second column, Through a Glass, Darkly, Robert L. Glass explores the differences between US and Australian languages in “Divided by a Common Language, Version 2.” Bob presents sayings that could be heard during IT meetings whose meanings are different in the US and Australia.

Main Author: Sipior, Janice C.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2009
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