Batch spreadsheet for C programmers.

A computing environment is proposed, based on batch spreadsheet processing, which produces a spreadsheet display from plain text input les of commands, similar to the way documents are created using LaTeX. In this environment, besides the usual spreadsheet rows and columns of cells, variables can be de ned and are stored in a separate symbol table. Cell and symbol formulas may contain cycles, and cycles which converge can be used to implement iterative algorithms. Formulas are speci ed using the syntax of the C programming language, and all of C's numeric operators are supported, with operators such as ++, +=, etc. being implicitly cyclic. User–de ned functions can be written in C and are accessed using a dynamic link library. The environment can be combined with a GUI front-end processor to enable easier interaction and graphics including plotting.

Main Author: Perry, Richard.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2009
Online Access: