A lyapunov function proof of Poincare's Theorem.

One of the most fundamental results in analyzing the stability properties of periodic orbits and limit cycles of dynamical systems is Poincarb's theorem. The proof of this result involves system analytic arguments along with the Hartman-Grobman theorem. In this paper, using the notions of stability of sets, we construct lower semicontinuous Lya unov functions to provide a Lyapunov function proof of foincarb's theorem.

Main Author: Haddad, Wassim.
Other Authors: Nersesov, Sergey., Chellaboina, VijaySekhar.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2002
Online Access: http://ezproxy.villanova.edu/login?url=https://digital.library.villanova.edu/Item/vudl:178277