Accurate timing but increased impulsivity following excitotoxic lesions of the subthalamic nucleus.

Several lines of evidence have implicated the subthalamic nucleus (STN) in behaviors that require precise temporal control. In order to investigate this possibility further,we trained rats to perform a peak-interval (PI) timing task [S. Roberts, Isolation of an internal clock, J. Exp. Psychol. Anim. B 7 (1981) 242-268] with two durations (10 s and 40 s), and then lesioned the STN by microinjection of ibotenic acid. Lesioned animalswere able to maintain precise temporal control, yetwere unable to inhibit operant responses late in the trial, at times that were unlikely to yield reinforcement. These results indicate the involvement of the STN in impulsive or perseverative response inhibition, but not in temporal processing.

Main Author: Wiener, Martin.
Other Authors: Magaro, Christopher., Matell, Matthew.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2008
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