Plants actively control nitrogen cycling: uncorking the microbial bottleneck.

Ecologists have tried to link plant species composition and ecosystem properties since the inception of the ecosystem concept in ecology. Many have observed that biologicalc ommunitiesc ould feed backt o, and not simplyr esultf rom, soil properties. Butw hichg roupo f organismsp, lantso r microorganismds,r ivet hose feedback systems? Recent researcha ssertst hat soil microorganismps recludep lant species feedbackt o soil nitrogen( N) transformationdsu e to strongm icrobiacl ontrolo f soil N cycling.I t has been well documentedt hat litterp ropertiesin fluences oil N cycling. Int his review,w e stresst hat underm anyc ircumstanceps lants pecies exert a major influenceo vers oilN cyclingr atesv ia uniqueN attainments trategiest, hus influencing soil N availabilitya nd their own fitness. We offer two testable mechanismsb y which plants impart active control on the N cycle and thereby allow for plant-littersoil- plantf eedback.F inallyw, e describet he characteristicosf plantsa nd ecosystems that are most likely to exhibit feedback

Main Author: Chapman, Samantha.
Other Authors: Langley, J., Hart, Stephen., Koch, George.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2005
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