Data-model integration is not magic.

Progress has been made over the past decade to better our understanding of terrestrial ecosystem response to global climate change using both empirical and modeling techniques. However, better integration of experiments and models is needed to predict how ecosystems will respond to multiple drivers of global climate change. Recently, a group of empirical ecologists and ecosystem modelers convened to further the integration of modeling with empirical data ( teracc/). Working groups convened independently under the subheadings of biogeochemistry, plant production, vegetation dynamics and water relations to address three questions central to promoting better interactions between empirical ecologists and ecosystem modelers, as follows. 1 How do different models and types of models represent key biological processes? 2 What are the major uncertainties and limitations of existing models, and what are the major uncertainties and limitations of existing experimental approaches? 3 How well 'matched' are experiments and models?

Main Author: Classen, Aimee.
Other Authors: Langley, J.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2005
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