Solubility of p-t-butylcalixarenes in supercritical carbon dioxide: a comparison of static and dynamic measurement techniques.

The solubilities of p-t-butylcalixwnxarenes _ns4,6,8. and calixw4xarene have been measured in supercritical carbon dioxide. Solubility measurements were conducted in a high pressure cell with in situ spectrophotometric detection. Measurements were taken over the ranges of 10 to 20 MPa and 40 to 608C. The p-t-butylcalixw4xarene showed solubility approximately 10 fold higher than both p-t-butylcalixw6xarene and p-t-butylcalixw8xarene with a maximum measured solubility over the studied pressure and temperature ranges of 1.84=10y5 molrl. A comparison of these results with measurements made with a commercially available analytical SFE unit for p-t-butylcalixw4xarene showed less than 10% deviation between the two sets of data over a common range of conditions. The SFE unit allows measurements to be made over significantly wider ranges of pressure and temperature than are currently available using the solubility cell. Published by Elsevier Science B.V.

Main Author: Graham, Brendan.
Other Authors: Lagalante, Anthony., Bruno, Thomas., Harrowfield, Jack., Trengove, Robert.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 1998
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