Electromagnetic-like boost transformations of weyl and minimal super-energy observers in black hole spacetimes.

The transformation laws for the electric and magnetic parts of the electromagnetic 2- form and the Weyl tensor under a boost are studied using the complex vector approach, which shows the close analogy between the two cases. For a nonnull electromagnetic field, one can always find an observer which sees parallel electric and magnetic fields (vanishing Poynting vector) and also sees a minimum electromagnetic energy density (and minimum electric and magnetic field magnitudes) compared to other observers. For Weyl fields of all Petrov types except III, and boosts along certain directions of the Weyl principal tetrad, the more complicated Weyl transformation closely mimics the electromagnetic boost transformation, allowing one to extend the electromagnetic results directly to the families of boosts along those directions. In particular for black hole spacetimes, the alignment of the electric and magnetic parts of the Weyl tensor (vanishing super-Poynting vector) leads to minimal gravitational super-energy as seen by the Carter observer within the family of all circularly rotating observers at each spacetime point outside the horizon.

Main Author: Bini, Donato.
Other Authors: Jantzen, Robert., Miniutti, Giovanni.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2002
Online Access: http://ezproxy.villanova.edu/login?url=https://digital.library.villanova.edu/Item/vudl:177355