Circular holonomy and clock effects in stationary axisymmetric spacetimes.

Stationary axisymmetric spacetimes containing a pair of oppositelyrotating periodically-intersecting circular geodesics allow the study of various socalled 'clock effects' by comparing either observer or geodesic proper time periods of orbital circuits defined by the observer or the geodesic crossing points. This can be extended from a comparison of clocks to a comparison of parallel transported vectors, leading to the study of special elements of the spacetime holonomy group. The band of holonomy invariance found for a dense subset of special geodesic orbits outside a certain radius in the static case does not exist in the nonstatic case. In the Kerr spacetime the dimensionless frequencies associated with parallel transport rotations can be expressed as ratios of the proper and average coordinate periods of the circular geodesics.

Main Author: Bini, Donato.
Other Authors: Jantzen, Robert., Mashhoon, Bahram.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2001
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