Moral Commitment and the Effects of Social Infulences on Violent Delinquency.

The present article investigates the issue of whether and how moral commitment regarding violence conditions the relationship between a set of social environmental variables and violent delinquency. Three mutually exclusive hypotheses were evaluated using data from the National Youth Survey. The first, emanating from a purely environmental perspective, holds that moral commitment to non-violence does not condition the relationships of social variables to violent delinquency. The second hypothesis predicts that social factors have their greatest effect on violent behavior among those most strongly opposed to violence. The third hypothesis anticipates that social variables have their greatest impact on violent delinquency among those with violent attitudes. The results yielded strong support for the third hypothesis. Theoretical implications are discussed.

Main Author: Hannon, Lance.
Other Authors: DeFronzo, James., Prochnow, Jane
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2001
Online Access: