Photometry of the Mgb + MgH Feature for a Sample of Bright Stars.

Measurements of the strength of the λ5174 Mg b + MgH feature are presented for a sample of solar neighborhood stars, ranging in spectral type from to M. The data were obtained by the use of two 70 Å FWHM interference filters and a single-channel photometer. In agreement with previous investigations, the absorption is seen to vary with stellar temperature and gravity. It does not appear to correlate very well with [Fe/H] abundances determined by spectroscopic techniques, despite theoretical expectations to the contrary. If this lack of correlation is not merely the result of errors in the [Fe/H] measurements, it may indicate that [Mg/Fe] variations exist among the G and stars. Since the Mg b + MgH absorption appears to correlate with other metallicity features in the spectra of E galaxies, it is suggested that the metal abundance spread in such galaxies is larger than that among the solar neighborhood stars studied in this investigation.

Main Author: Guinan, Edward F.
Other Authors: Smith, Graeme H.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 1983
Online Access: