The "transmutation" of the organization: Toward a more spiritual workplace.

In this article, we review, integrate, and extend extant research on workplace spirituality. Despite an extensive set of critiques and criticisms offered by scholars and practitioners, most modern organizations remain devoid of a spiritual foundation and deny their employees the opportunity for spiritual expression through their work. We describe some of the perverse and damaging costs associated with continued absence of spiritual elements in the modern workplace and propose a “transmutation” of the workplace, built on the foundation of spiritual ideals. We also detail some of the potential benefits to managers, workers, and society of a spiritually oriented workplace and propose some concrete action that managers can take to advance such a change in workplace values. We advance the position that for spirit in the workplace to be fully realized, organizations must enable the unfolding of each individual through his or her participation in the work of the organization.

Main Author: Gull, Gregory A.
Other Authors: Doh, Jonathan.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2004
Online Access: