Viscoelastic Polymer Hold Down Device for Wood Shear Walls.

The energy dissipation capacity of a structure’s lateral load resisting system is of paramount importance when designing for earthquakes and hurricanes. Degradation of this capacity can adversely affect the performance of the structure and must be considered in the early stages of design. Seven 8’ x 8’ shear walls were constructed with APA rated plywood and tested using the SPD test protocol at a rate of 1.0 Hz. Four utilized conventional hold down devices and three used a small hold down device that incorporates 3M viscoelastic (VE) 110 polymer. Finite element modelling was conducted to optimize the potential benefits of a VE hold down and investigate an improved design. The model affirmed that the VE hold down will significantly increase the energy dissipation capacity of a wood shearwall and provide a constant source of energy dissipation at constant amplitude cycling.

Main Author: Dinehart, David W.
Other Authors: Hoffman, Rebecca M., Sekin, A. Azumi.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2004
Online Access: