The Computing Ontology: Application in Education

Working Group 3 at ITiCSE 2007 continued the ongoing work of the Ontology of Computing project. The working group brought several new people into the project and addressed areas of the ontology of particular interest to these participants. In particular, the group worked on the Ontology sections related to History of Computing, Computing Security and Social and Ethical issues. With the intention of applying the ontology to the support of curriculum development in mind, the group also reviewed and discussed proposed means of presenting a visual representation of the ontology. There was also some work on the present structure of the ontology and future possibilities.

Main Author: Cassel, Lillian
Other Authors: Hacquebard, Anneke, Little, Joyce, Davies, Gordon, Impagliazzo, John, McGettrick, Andrew, Fone, William, LeBlanc, Richard, Perdrona, Michela
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2007
Online Access: