Some Observations on the Performance of a 56 Kb Internet Link

A 56 Kb gateway between two Ethernets was installed and subjected to heavy traffi c loads . While large file transfers were being done between the networks, less demandin g internetwork commands were issued and the response time measured . The effect of th e heavy network load on the smaller tasks is presented in this report . It appears that th e smaller tasks are unfairly penalized for the network load caused by the larger tasks . If so , this could be a problem for the design and use of the backbone network of the NSFnet . No conclusions are drawn concerning the applicability of these results in a general case . The data is presented for consideration by those who are planning to rely on such links an d have some knowledge of the level of traffic that can be expected in their own environment .

Main Author: Farber, David
Other Authors: Cassel, Lillian
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 1996
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