Negative information: Both presence and absence of spatial pattern elements guide rats' spatial choices

Rats learn the spatial pattern in which hidden caches of food are located. Once the pattern is learned, finding one or more baited locations provides (positive) information about the remaining baited locations. In the present experiment, we examined whether negative information (the absence of food in a location) would also be used in locating the remaining baited locations. Rats were tested in an apparatus containing a matrix of vertical poles, on top of which food could be hidden. At the beginning of the trial, the location of the baited poles was unpredictable, but the poles were always arranged in a linear pattern. The rats learned the pattern and used both positive and negative information in locating baited poles.

Main Author: DiGello, Elizabeth
Other Authors: Brown, Michael, Affuso, John
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2002
Online Access: