Immunogold localization of a developmentally regulated, tapetal-specific, 15kDa lily anther protein.

We have confirmed that the LLA-15 polypeptide of Lilium longiflorum is (a) tapetum specific with some expression possible in the adjacent middle layer cells and (b) relatively abundant as evidenced by the high density of gold particles localized to the tapetal cells. We have established that the protein is cytoplasmic and not associated with organelles, membranes, extracellular matrix or wall. We also report an amino acid composition of the molecule and a partial sequence which bears no resemblance to any protein yet described.

Main Author: Balsamo, R.
Other Authors: Wang, J., Eckard, K., Wang, C., Lord, E.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 1995
Online Access: