Space-time code designs with non-vanishing determinants for three, four and six transmit antennas.

The design of a linear space-time code with full rate, large diversity product, and non-vanishing minimum determinant of codewords continues to attract great attention. However, in most available no-vanishing determinant space-time codes for three, four, and six transmitter antennas, the average power at each layer is different, which results in a high peak to average power ratio. In this paper, a new cyclic algebraic space-time design scheme is proposed and the optimal codes in this class are provided by using some specific cyclic field extensions. Our proposed codes not only include the available non-vanishing determinant cyclotomic spacetime codes for three, four, and six transmitter antennas, but also have the desirable property that the optimal codes can be achieved with the same average power at each layer.

Main Author: Wang, Genyuan.
Other Authors: Zhang, Jian-Kang., Zhang, Yimin., Wong, Kon Max.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 2005
Online Access: