A two sensor blind beamformer for direct sequence spread spectrum communications.

In this paper, we present an efficient blind beamformer dedicated to the problem of interference mitigation in direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) communication systems using a two sensor array. A closed-form solution for the blind identification of the communication channel is derived by exploiting the temporal properties of the desired signal and the interference. The optimal beamformer is derived from the maximization of the signal-to-interference and noise ratio (SINR) at the output of the receiver in terms of the blindly estimated channel coefficients. Three structures of the DSSS receiver are presented. One structure consists of the blind beamformer followed by the spread spectrum demodulator. The other two structures consist of the spread spectrum demodulator followed by the blind beamformer. The performance of these structures is discussed in terms of the achieved SINR and the computational cost. Simulation results are provided to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed blind beamformers in interference excision.

Main Author: Belouchrani, Adel.
Other Authors: Amin, Moeness G.
Format: Villanova Faculty Authorship
Language: English
Published: 1999
Online Access: http://ezproxy.villanova.edu/login?url=https://digital.library.villanova.edu/Item/vudl:173105