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OA MIG106 1 hand colored lithograph ; 9 x 13 cm. Munsing - 63. Publication date misses one figure. This print illustrates the turbulence on July 7th in Philadelphia when a recent influx of immigrants, mostly Catholic from Ireland, clashed with Nativist American groups over the Philadelphia school officials permission to use both the King James and the Latin Vulgate version of the bible in the public school system. This scene depicts citizens and military fighting in front of the open "Nanny Goat" market hours. St. Philip de Neri Church is depicted in the distance.

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Full TitleRiot in Philadelphia. July 7th 1844.
Author Bucholzer, H.
Date Added 13 January 2014
Language English
Publish Date 1844
Publisher New York : James Baillie
Source Pennsylvaniana.