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XM  F866.V455 (Shelved in flat file units.)   1 print :  color lithograph ;  sheet 102 x 75 cm. (poster format).  Poster is compound image depicting four vignettes from the plan. Previously laid down onto paper and cloth thereby repairing a few closed and hidden tears.  Jocelyn was first produced in New York City, opening April 1, 1889 at the Star Theatre on Broadway with Rose Coghlan. The play was written by Rose's brother, Charles F. Coghlan, an Anglo-Irish actor and playwright. Rose Coghlan played the orphaned daughter of a poor Huguenot family. Set in France during the reign of King Louis XIII, Jocelyn is courted by the play's villain, Italian Prince Saviani. To her horror, she discovers that Saviani had her three brothers assassinated. Making her escape, Jocelyn disguises herself in her younger brother's clothes. Encountering Prince Saviani again, Jocelyn kills him in a duel. That a woman could violently avenge the deaths of her brothers - even as an actress disguised as a men in a stage play- was a potent scene for audiences to witness. 

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Full TitleRose Coghlan as Jocelyn.
Author Strobridge & Co. Lith.
Date Added 17 February 2023
Format Poster
Language English
Publish Date 1889
Publisher Cin'ti ; New York : Strobridge Litho. Co.,
Source Joseph McGarrity Art