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PCG83-4C Burke, O'Domhnaill #2.

Here are recordings from a concert featuring fiddler Kevin Burke and guitarist Mícheál Ó Domhnaill, performed on February 19, 1983. This is the continuation of a concert begun on cassette PCG83-3C Burke, O'Domhnaill #1. Below is a song list with estimated start times for each song. 

Side 1 Song List:
00:20 - "Walsh's Hornpipe", "Worn Torn Petticoat" (two versions), "Bank of Ireland".
08:10 - "Jenny's Welcome to Charlie" (starts with a story about the song's origin). 
18:15 - "Lord Franklin".
22:30 - 2 slip jigs, "Promenade" and  "The Butterfly", and a jig titled  "The Thunderhead". 
29:55 - 3 gavottes, unidentified.
33:45 - Unidentified vocal song.
36:25 - 3 reels, "Pigeon on the Gate", "Lafferty's Reel", and "The Morning Dew", also known as "Hare in the Heather".
41:07 - 4 jigs, unidentified.
47:30 - Unidentified reel and jig set, last formal song of performance, recording ends in the midst of the set.

Side 2 Song List:
01:30 - Full replay of the unidentified reel and jig set from side 1, without interruption.
09:30 - Unidentified vocal song in Irish.
11:00 - Unidentified reel.
15:25 - Short unidentified reel.
16:04 - Unidentified reel.
20:45 - "The Sligo Maid".

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Full TitleKevin Burke and Mícheál Ó Domhnaill Concert, Part 2, 1983.
Date Added 21 January 2023
Format Sound
Publish Date 1983
Source Philadelphia Ceili Group