Millers Mechanical Shows Papers

Comprises the archives of the Millers Mechanical Shows (concentrating on the primary mechanical Battlefield reproduction of WWI trench warfare act).  Including Miller family photographs and papers, the Millers Mechanical Shows, founded by John E. Miller and son Clifford M. Miller,  traveled the United States showing their miniature reenactments, including the first act "Industrial City", and later "Battlefield" - a reenactment of World War I.  Also including photographs and other materials from travels and circus tours and other acts including shows at: Jacksonville, Key West, Daytona, and St Augustine in 1917, also Virginia, North Carolina, Wyoming, Colorado, and Regina, Saskatchewa, Canada. Additional albums contain photographs for trips to Pikes Peak,  and the Cheyenne Frontier Days.  Digitization status: ongoing.

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This subcollection includes travel photographs (both loose and in albums), travel literature, and ephemera collected by the Millers on tour.
Contains photographs of the Miller family.  Most photographs are uncaptioned.
This subcollection of Millers Mechanical Shows contains photographs and other materials from circus shows and circus acts with which the Millers traveled.  Some photographs are captioned and may include dating.