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OM D501 .G415 1916 68 p. Realia included. From p. [1] Glanville wrote, "How I was taken prisoner, and some of experiences in German hands. Captured May 27th 1918 at Chemin des Dames Repatriated December 3rd via Switzerland." On p. [65] a pressed ribbon "Souvenir from Basle [sic]" colored part red, white, blue along with part red and white ribbon.
Glanville expounds freely on all related matters and incidents, in some areas presenting a noticeable difference from the letters written while under scrutiny of German officers during his time as a captive prisoner of war. Sleeping conditions, daily routine and inspections, meals, entertainment, the disposition of the Germans, sociality with soldiers from other countries, Red Cross parcels, the frequency or irregularity of mail, increasing improvements and privileges, these are some of the details revealed. Especially comical are his recollections of attempted escapes from Rastatt, not one of which was successful.

He also describes a propaganda paper called the Continental Times, as being "false and vulgar... to try & explain the justice on Germany's side & the treachery of the English... barefaced lies of German misdeeds... thought to convert prisoners to such falsehoods... was also made to blacken the morals of the English... It became so offensive a paper that even our German Kommandant of the Camp, who was a thorough gentleman, prohibited its sale in the camp."

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Full TitleRecollections, "Account of my capture & time in Germany" by Arthur Evanson Glanville.
Author Glanville, Arthur Evanson.
Date Added 13 July 2017
Language English
Source Great War