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Partly printed United States 1776-1876 Centennial stock certificate No. 10604, issued for 3 shares to Michael Meagher dated March 13, 1876 of capital stock of the Centennial Board of Finance. Engraved & Printed at the Bureau, Engraving and Printing; Geo. W. Casilear, Supt. of Engineering; Geo. B. McCartee, Chief of Bureau.  Signed by John Welsh as President, of the Centennial Board of Finance, and by Fred Fraley as the Treasurer.

Farming, Continental Congress, and Native American overlooking city vignettes at bottom, with multi-ethnic vignettes on sides and on top.

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Full TitleIssued Capital Stock Certificate, Centennial International Exhibition, To: Michael Meagher for 3 shares From: Centennial Board of Finance, March 13, 1876.
Date Added 13 January 2017
Format Manuscript
Language English
Publish Date 1876-03-13
Source Pennsylvaniana