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OM F866.V455 1920  1 v.:  photographs ;  18 x 29 cm.   Constructed title from album and sale entry.  Album cover has "Photographs."  Some pages have photos missing, some photos are trimmed to fit page, one or two are creased.   Many photographs are captioned, including: Gentry Bros. Season 1919, Main St. Theater Picher OK; Rio Grande River 1919; Brunk's Comedians show; Pike's Peak, 1920; Independence Airdome; the Calahan Show; Gladstone Sisters; Trouble.

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Full TitlePhotograph album, Traveling theater companies and vaudeville acts in America, 1910-1921.
Date Added 16 September 2015
Format Scrapbook
Language English
Publish Date 1920
Source Americana.