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Correspondence written on plain dark paper, author wrote "Vienna" O'Reilly wrote detailed description about the Corpus Christi procession and the participants which included the German Emperor, the Archbishop, the Archduke of Austria and the "splendid troops of the Life Guards" Infantry. He enclosed a printed program, in German, titled, "Ordnung des Feierlichen Umganges welcher am heiligen frohnleichnamstage aus der hohen Metropolitankirche sum heil, Stephan in Wien gehalten wird" Assumed this a list of people in the procession for Corpus Christi Festival. See previous letter.

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Full TitleLetter, To: "My dear Siss" (Mary O'Reilly) From: Robert, June 10, 1909.
Author O'Reilly, Robert M. (Robert Maitland), 1845-1912.
Date Added 23 July 2015
Format Letter
Language English
Publish Date 1909-06-10
Source Robert M. O'Reilly