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Printed letterhead, centered above "United States Naval Training Station, Bainbridge, Maryland" is a logo of an anchor and a ship's wheel.  Circular postmark stamp centered on envelope, front: "U.S. Navy Feb 14 5 PM 1944" Someone penciled "Feb" above author's date on page 1.  It is possible author misstated the date, January, on correspondence. On page 2 the author mentioned not sending any packages to Villanova but asked his roommate to send home his bathrobe.  Reap asked his father about his job at  American Car & Foundry (AC&F).

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Full TitleEnvelope and letter, To: "Dear Mother and Dad" From: "Jimmy," February 13, 1944.
Author Reap, James Domenico, Jr.
Date Added 7 May 2015
Format Letter
Language English
Publish Date 1944-02-13
Source James D. Reap, Jr. Collection.