This collection contains materials that were published outside the United States and that do not fit in other existing collections as well as non-domestic personal paper collections not collected elsewhere.  Included are books of heraldry from England and Japan, and genealogy and family papers.

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This collection brings together materials related to World War I and the immediate aftermath. It includes letters created by, sent to, and about Americans and American participation in the conflict as well as other materials from other fronts and belligerents. This collection includes: letters, drawings, photographs, artwork, scrapbooks, and postcards.
Comprises the personal archive of the nautical career of Welsh mariner Thomas John Jones of Aberarth near Aberaeron. Includes his papers for apprenticeship and assignments under the Board of Trade, his certificate for the rank of Master contained in the original tin box, photographs, flags.  Documents travels in Europe, North and South America, West Indies, Australia, India, East Indies, Africa, China, Japan and Russia from 1888-1913.  Many of the materials are connected to his service aboard the merchant steamer S.S. Knight Errant.   Digitization status: ongoing.
This collection contains the 12-volume set of Cérémonies et coutumes religieuses de tous les peuples du monde, published by Jean Frederic Bernard with engravings by Bernard Picart. This edition was published from 1807 to 1810.
Digitization status: complete.
This collection gathers materials by and about Charles Dickens and the extended Dickens family, including letters from Charles Dickens, Jr.
This collection consists of cartes-de-visite of various German family members from one extended family, related to Heinrich Möllering : 50 pieces of original cabinet card photography from 1900 to 1920 - Germany. Labeled cards (either front or back) are from 29 different photographers. Some of the photographs have handwritten notes and dates on the rear in German. Funds for acquisition donated from Erin McKinstry, Villanova class of 2014.
This collection brings together genealogical and family material about the extended Jones and Peyton-Jones family. 
This subcollection brings together the two volume report by Canada's Department of Railways and Canals on the construction and collapse of the St. Lawrence River Quebec bridge. See the Wikipedia article for additional information.
This collection brings together works from digitized collections on and by William Shakespeare.
Periodicals published outside the United States that do not fit into other existing collections.