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OC PS648.D5 B7
32 p. ; 28 cm. Weekly. Each issue has also a distinctive title.  Illustrated color wrappers. "Price 5 cents". Donated by Lydia Schurman, April 2013.  Text on the cover: "They saw Lobangu's blade flash twice into the bear's neck, and with a coughing grunt, the huge mass rolled over dead."  With: Boys' hobbies -- Louis Longpierre, the lumberman's son / by Nathan D. Urner.

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Full TitleGordon Keith, Whaler; or, A Chase Through the Frozen North / by Lawrence White, Jr.
Date Added 9 January 2014
Format Journal
Language English
Publish Date 1908-01-25
Publisher New York : Street and Smith
Series Brave and Bold > no. 266
Source Dime Novel and Popular Literature
Alternate Title