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"An independent family journal of literature, news, &c."
Published by: S. H. Colesworthy (1846).
Absorbed: Portland eclectic and northern home. Cf. Gregory.
Published a monthly supplement called: Transcript monthly, beginning Jan. 1887.
Ceased in 1910?
This collection gathers together early issues of the Philadelphia newspaper the Public Ledger, as well as the Color Supplements.
Includes the "Puss in Boots" series as well as other named series titles published by the  McLoughlin Brothers in 1888-1889, all featuring the illustrations of Richard AndreĢ.
This serial novel was published in 104 32-page parts, which were marketed door-to-door.
This collection contains issues of the weekly popular literature newspaper Redpath's Illustrated Weekly, also known as Redpath's Weekly and Redpath McGee's Illustrated Weekly. These materials are owned by the American Catholic Historical Society and maintained at the Catholic Historical Research Center of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia (CHRC) 6740 Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia , PA 19149.  For more information please see:
This collection collates issues of the Philadelphia story paper "Saturday Night". 
This reprint library contained both fiction and non-fiction works. 
Edited by Edwin J. Brett.  Presented free with the journal  "Something to Read".

This popular illustrated story paper published by Street and Smith ran from 1861-1910.  Magazine Supplements are included in each volume where extant.