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This New York paper was published weekly under a succeeding number of publishers and with a variety of subtitles.  All are collected here. 
This collection contains the Civil War era New York newspaper, the New York Tablet.
This collection contains issues from Nick Carter Weekly, also known as New Nick Carter Library and New Nick Carter Weekly at various points in its run.
These hardcover series books were later reprinted in "thick book" dime novel format as part of the Circling the Globe Library.
Josiah Broadbrim is the Quaker Detective; his stories are fascinating and exciting and contain the true solutions of many of the great mysteries of crime that have never before been explained. 
This juvenile series dealing with World War I aviation contained 12 volumes published between 1915 and 1919.
This periodical from Augusta, Maine was, according to its masthead, "devoted to useful information, instruction and entertainment for boys and girls and young people generaly, also for older people who have young hearts." It ran for three volumes, beginning October 1, 1871 and ceasing December 15, 1873.
This London published periodical ran from  1861-1913.  Each issue brought news from the capital and around the Empire, especially political and military news.  Especially noteworthy are the large plates.
This New York periodical was published by F. M. Lupton.